A Study of Time.

Clockwork   With simple gears and a little oil, sprinkled with some ingenuity and a tad bit of design, a masterpiece is born. Although it is a terrible commentary that as a people we must adhere to the flow of a concept that is so subtle yet so profound and determining. With the rise and […]

Teachers, A summary of a Decade.

I met a woman, long ago, her spirit bold, her skin so fair, yet her past, a tale untold. I saw her through the blackest night, a night that still evokes a seeded fear. How could I have been such a fool, may the Gods strike me so bold! She took my heart and stamped […]

A Vision

Twas on a cold barren night; I lay still upon the grass. My pipe ember smolders beside me; a puff taken hours ago. I made clear my intent to the green herb, I sought the Shamans wisdom, I sought to cleanse my soul. My father, still living, scorned me from afar, but did not impede. […]

Anxiety, A Conversation

Anxiety   It’s like a gripping tendril of un-comfortability. The worry at very little or absolutely nothing would not trigger in the sane a lasting ill. For those like myself, a simple sentence from a friend or even a stranger can trigger a slight panic that avalanches into true turmoil. The pensive nature of a […]

Should… A Poem

Should… Should madness grace me here this night, I’ll sever pen from this eerie dusk light. And mark the note, so clear, with angel flight, To hear the song, of divine and ancient might. I’ll pause my quill and rest my ears on a chord that sings, sublime, away my fears. Through all my hopes […]