Immortal – a Musing

In dreams they lie Forgotten and horrendous Simply they walk In garb of stars and black Terror grips their steps as the curtain falls To hear them whisper Is to invite madness profound To hear them laugh is to slake the mortal coil Upon these dreams I do now wake In darkness immortal My cup […]

The Duel; a short Epic.

Within this darkened night I dream of death and grave delight. For upon my eyes did gaze a sight… as deadly blows did two fighters strike. With verve and form did they dance, upon now green the barren grass. A man and woman they now dueled; To triumph death and fervor fueled. Clang, Clang. Did […]

Thunder, A Poem

Soon I’ll cease my humble watch; Maddened, insane, and of simple eerie stock. Once heard, is the chime, That would bring you close to heart so dreary mine. As a seed I’ve watched you bloom, with your sorrows I have swooned from East to West, and to distant star; I have traveled very far. Yet […]

Unrelenting, A Muse

Should these words profound speak of sights and simple sounds; Eternal and Unrelenting. I shall remain: Still. Should my steps now falter at the edge of the abyss. Should my heart now fail me I say these words to thee. I regret not seeing the fruits of my labor. Yet know this, child, My soul […]

The Toll, A Dream

A simple Clock Tolls profound; deep with fury, I am found. Wrecked my life and torn asunder. I lay here still and I wonder… Would a blade against my throat Heal this wound; guard me as a moat; slice me deep, until I’m found. Should I ever wake from this dream, shall I find shores […]