Immortal – a Musing

In dreams they lie
Forgotten and horrendous
Simply they walk
In garb of stars and black
Terror grips their steps
as the curtain falls
To hear them whisper
Is to invite madness profound
To hear them laugh
is to slake the mortal coil
Upon these dreams I do now wake
In darkness immortal
My cup they do partake
Gladly they rant
Pensive they are
as they plot the next disaster
now thunderstruck
My flaming torch they do now pluck
As a candle in the wind
my sanity unhinged
At those terrible eyes
deep and black as the abyss
stroking gently with firm caress
they wrap around my mind
surely madness do they speak
Upon them I once looked
and to horror now so dim
beyond my sight they were
Our infant horrors as one they tread
So softly did I whimper
Yet enough to turn their ears
upon me they were at once
to frightened I to hold them back
clutched at my heart, its strings now cut
with paralyzing grasp
From this world they did now pluck
my mind now torn they sought for more
as weights and measures they took their time
the horror that I speak
takes delight in screams and afterthoughts
Regret that floods the mind
why oh why did I endure
At once I load my pistol
with shot and powder, its release I sought still
Yet if I only knew
Beyond the portal did they wait
to welcome me to Hell
of no other word can I tell
That which lives cannot see
the horror that bestows
upon a mind once touched
forever will it yearn
Never to be heard
and never to be seen
in shadows light it lies
forever and in chains
to serve the darkness
with muffled screams and tears
My horror now begins
with triggers pull I do now stumble
into chasm ever charted
by the mad and so forgotten
My last breath I simply take
and forever seal my fate
to be locked by horns embrace
The demon plunders still
with every ounce of pain it stronger grows
to feast upon me
my very soul at last
Lost and hopeless
my light grows dim
I scream my last night
and plummet far below
to unknown reaches
and light to my surprise
For rewarded I am
by pain and blade I am made whole
To walk the shadows
As horror now untold
Warped and frail I do now seek
my first treat, of children I will make
to haunt their nightmares
and turn them mad
with seashells grasp I slither fro
From dream to dream
As the horror I’ve become

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