The Duel; a short Epic.

Within this darkened night
I dream of death and grave delight.
For upon my eyes did gaze a sight…
as deadly blows did two fighters strike.

With verve and form did they dance,
upon now green the barren grass.
A man and woman they now dueled;
To triumph death and fervor fueled.

Clang, Clang.
Did metal clash.
With anger deep and rancor flame;
The two humans fought with blades.

One a man, his blade twice’d gleamed;
With Eyes of Red and tongue of dreams.
The mans sword , dipped in Time.
Blade majestic, rent from slime.

Time took its toll;
The mans endurance did it shown.
He struck with might,
He struck with sight.

By now as deadly night,
to dance as one;
as Kali blooms.
I am awe’d at His might.

Time deals a deadly blow;
Soon to mark the end of show.
Over confident, the churning of Time;
Forgot to step ahead; I see with Eye.

At once the banshee shrieks;
Her cry drew bullets ankle deep.
As she takes advantage now
Of Times quick blunder, as a sow

Her blade is curved and single,
With handle black and tinted silver.
Cloth to His steel,
She quickly turned the battle dear.

She is Love, as her blade skin met;
And cut a swath across His shoulder.
The Devil Time on bloodied ground;
Harrowed thoughts of failing Crowns.

The womans delight, I did now hear;
I am suddenly struck with fear.
She readies her blade, above her head,
And brings it down with Deaths finesse.

But Time is wise in all things dear;
He drives his blade across the Air;
The clash is heard in Heaven and Hell,
And on which the ground they fell.

The two maneuvered, Thrust and Firm;
A thousand cuts did they brew.
But deadly never, to each their faults.
As though pain derived from salts.

Time grew weary, as did Love;
I am silent as a dove.
The two slowed as they dueled;
To stand still at high noon.

Into their eyes they both now stared;
I could never fathom there.
Was it Peace, or Respect;
I will never know; as their thoughts met.

From eye of sight, to thought of mind.
The two stared, seemingly divine.
As Time raised his sword to point;
She laughs as her response.

With pose serene and beauty etched,
Upon her face and on her robe.
She was here to collect;
Times head would stave the Reaper off.

And Time unbent, His goal was meek.
Revenge as Hearts to flame;
lash out as Vengeance ,done secluded and unchained.
For which she wound him, Eons deep.

The two clashed all here about,
Undisturbed by Life’s tor-rent.
To Hell and back, this duel did sent,
As both man and woman now repent.

He strikes with Fury, She strikes with Grace.
One Dancing about the others face.
She is might, He is humble.
They are well met, and there is the trouble.

Love is fleeting, so they say;
She would clearly lose the day.
But Time is constant, never changing;
He walks with sandals, ripped and peeling.

Both continue, on their duel,
Hearts now pumping into gear.
Now strange Eons did they hear,
With Times caress and Loves bold words;
The two mistook the shadows veins;
For beneath them both the shadows play,
And soon grew tired of their dismay.
Now they plot and seeks to reap,
Their shadows Twins are deadly Grim.
Struck with Horror at their sin,
The lovers met on this East End,
And embraced each other dear,
as Death approached with clouds of fear.

Death did scare them from their duel,
And freed them both as they embraced.
Time healed Loves wounds,
and tender hearts make Eons pass.

And so the two are nevermore;
Blown by Death to several pieces;
Scattered out across this verse;
Even pieces couples find.

A pinch of time, and a dash of love.
By hand and hand they now travel,
And soon upon a distant chime,
As if heard from Deaths demise.

One can hear, upon the air ,
The subtle triumph, devilish pair.
They laugh and sing, and merry dear;
Sometimes you can hear them fighting Fear.

And though the man and woman are now gone,
I will forever hear their song.
The clang, clang of their blades;
That shook the cage in which I live.

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