Thunder, A Poem

Soon I’ll cease my humble watch;
Maddened, insane, and of simple eerie stock.
Once heard, is the chime,
That would bring you close
to heart so dreary mine.
As a seed I’ve watched you bloom,
with your sorrows I have swooned
from East to West, and to distant star;
I have traveled very far.
Yet with all my years I have yet to see,
such a face, a beauty such as thee.
From deep abyss, I sing to you.
And watch you take full moon.
To bask in midnight’s purple light,
is the task in divine hands;
you will blossom as a star
bud eternal, rent from God.
I place you in my Garden,
and watch you grow to full tips blue.
True to words, I have spoken,
with painful lips I set thee free,
and smile painfully,
as you take your rightful place;
a lotus here, a tulip there.
Yet at center stage,
you dance forever,
marking hours as the years go by,
Never knowing how I fly,
past your Eden decent scent;
I am made all the quiver,
at your voice, now is heard,
a sound like Thunder
trembles my eternal soul

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