Unrelenting, A Muse

Should these words profound
speak of sights and simple sounds;
Eternal and Unrelenting.
I shall remain:


Should my steps now falter
at the edge of the abyss.
Should my heart now fail me
I say these words to thee.

I regret not seeing
the fruits of my labor.
Yet know this, child,
My soul could not be made mild.

Amongst the weeds I have tread.
Through muck and mire
and common sire.
I am made a humble Lord.

Lord of my soul.

With deity mind I have pondered.
With pen and ink I brought wonders.
Through Hades road my feet have met
the end of life and journeys end.

Forever is the path;
Upon this earth I shall Quake.
And from the ash of aftermath
I rise as the Phoenix.

Eternal and Unrelenting.

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