Teachers, A summary of a Decade.

I met a woman, long ago, her spirit bold, her skin so fair, yet her past, a tale untold.
I saw her through the blackest night, a night that still evokes a seeded fear.
How could I have been such a fool, may the Gods strike me so bold!
She took my heart and stamped it out, rent asunder, and took to flight.
Left me broken, this I know, I still can grasp her scent in wind so foul; it grips my soul.
Truly, I lay upon my back, gazed at stars; I would see the moon burn red; may Love be brought down low, for I lay forsaken here.
I took her by the hand, I comforted her deepest fears and banished them into the void.
She led me to believe, that I was only One, Bold and spoken for, it was all a lie.
I swore in two tongues, and then a third, I would see the day fall dim, should I wake from this ill dream, may I never be so bold.

Time went on, and I healed my broken heart.
Then as if the Gods had heard me, They sent an Angel to renew my Flame, and I found myself, a Man again.
She basked in my words, took to lips, so pure and red.
I had eyes only for her, she was a blessing upon my soul, and to this day, I always think of her.
She restored my alms, as she left for a distant shore; left me at the docks for me to rot.
I saw her leave on wheeled chariot, driven horses spawned by Men; promised her renown and fame.
She took off, and never looked back, yet it is her I remember still.
To this day, she does not know, how deep she wounded me; I bear her scars until the day the world will quake with death and the Hymns will never be heard by silken ears again.
I took to Pipe, Herb, and Brew; I shutdown deep with sound profound; I met allies bold and grim, I drowned the sorrow in a shallow pool.

Time went on again, and as the fortunes took my heavenly Father, took him to the grave; yet he fought the good fight, and I know him as a Titan, brave and wise, full of life.
Death will never truly claim him.

My mothers tears renewed my faith; within the Gods I found respite.
Though cruel they’ve been to me, I bowed the head and took a knee. Yet the Fates deemed it not to be.

I lost my mind, on the eve of my blossom, I lost the years, where one is free and young.
I watched my friends celebrate their life, where all I could do, was pray for Death, but found Pain instead.
The Black had come, and I fell into the void, never seen and spent from dreams, I walked among my nightmares, they came to me every night.

But within that void, I found a power; a scathing truth that few can face.
I screamed in horror at the visions that skewed me side to side and pierced my being with barbed needles.
A great evil took root, and gave me sights I could hardly bear; though I knew, nothing was there.
From the darkest Black, the voices came, to haunt my waking dream, I knew, I had reached my end.
I grabbed the knife, and was ready to plunge it deep. Yet my mothers face, I could not bear to see, her bury her only son. I threw the knife into a wall, and there it remains.
Instead, I took to Pill, and poisoned myself.
I writhed and turned, the pain soothed the visions, and silenced the voices.
But this could not do, for from the void, They followed me into my abyss.
They came with Council and Works from Old, I found wisdom in my Fathers Notes.
I found his research fair, yet unfinished, I took up his mantle, and began my studies, into prophecies, so deep.

Within the books and scrolls of Old, I found another truth, a truth that mimicked the one before.
I pressed on, with the visions and the voices, I grabbed a pen and scribed as a madman; for truly I had lost all sanity.
All the while, through my studies, I found myself incredibly mad.

Upon one night, I cast a ritual; wicked deeds and fouled prayers, I prayed within the abyss.
What I summoned cannot be told, cannot be heard, and I see it everyday upon the morning dew, Have my thoughts gone askew?

A vision came, I was crowned a God, with all the riches of Heaven and Earth at my feet.
Another vision, I was crowned, a Holy man with wisdom bound to hand; I was at an apex.

Yet as Fate does scream, I found myself amidst the voices once again.
The visions came and I could not bear it.
I walked into a hospital, where I was drugged to sleep, at last, after days, I tasted nothing.
Yet within those white walls, I heard a Man, his pain was great.
His screams, still today, were they real? or were they of my mind; a cruel device tortured this man.
He yelled and fought, screamed for death but to no avail…soon his sounds did fail.
I woke from my bed, its sheets were rough, yet I was alive.
I walked out of the hospital, a drugged, broken man, yet I was alive.

When I came home I found only strife.
A deep rancor for others, others who do not bear a cross, whose lives are simple and full of joy.
I hated all, and prayed for their death at my hands.

10 years passed.

Now I am on another eve, soon I will be 30 years of age.
From a hatred so profound, I rose to heights untold.
I sit upon a throne, atop the ruins of my foes; their demise of their own making.
I do not celebrate, for such things are beneath me, I’ve lost all feeling.
I know no joy, I know no sorrow, I am free of Hate and Love, I am Divine.
Though still insane, the Pain has gone away.
The voices have been conquered, yet, at times, I still see a shadow here and there.
Piece by Piece I’ve taken the best, and renewed my life. But this I know, there is no going back.
The past is past, and if I were a weaker man, I’d shed tears that I could not go back.
But I am a Man, it is the future that holds me true.
As far as I’ve risen, there is more to do, and more to see.

Upon the back of Insane Gods,
At the shaft of Cupids arrows,
On the shoulders of my holy Father,
And through the love of Mother dear,

I, truly, now, know no fear.

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