In Conversations #1



There is one thing I’ve observed in all organic matter. And that is change. Specifically, growth. It would seem apparent that all living things change, grow, and evolve. What starts off as a meager seed can become a towering redwood. What begins as an egg can hatch a creature seemingly kissed by the sky. And in a mother’s womb, a titan could be born.

On closer inspection, virtually all life has its stages. Birth, development, reproduce, plateau, death. Yet despite this commonality among lifeforms, humans have a second avenue of growth. The growth of the mind. Our inquisitive nature regarding the world around us leads us to many questions in life. From “what does this rock taste like?” upwards to “What is the meaning of it all?” So much is our desire for answers to our questions that some devout their entire lives to it. Philosophers and thinkers spend years trying to decipher these answers, often amidst a slew of other questions. But true philosophers are few and few between. It does not take decades of searching to be considered one who attempts the impossible search to life’s questions. Most of the important questions are asked by everyday people. From the moment we reach consciousness, we are bombarded by new sensations, new experiences. The joys of simply existing rest firmly in the mind of the young. There are so many possibilities, so many things to see and do. Even menial chores can bring about a happiness of fulfilment that, sadly, wanes as the years go by. There are the unfortunate some that grow to become stagnant robots who no longer ponder the stars. Such individuals only go by the day to day with very little wonder. But the wonder remains. In a fleeting moment, such humans can ponder their very existence, find it wanting, and then strive to lead a complete, fulfilling life. The desire to be happy and content is a welcome peace once it is attained. Though this peace presents itself in various forms depending on the purpose, it could be said to be the ultimate goal of life. To sustain a long lasting achievement and to meet the inevitable end with pride and joy for the next adventure, whatever it may be.

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