Hospitals, A PSA

You go to them to get well. They have trained professionals and assistants to cure any variety of maladies. But the truth is, their remedies don’t always work.


The inevitable end of any incurable disease is simply symptom management. The medicines, expensive as they are, do very little and must be taken in bulk. The older a person gets, the entire medicine cabinet gets reduced to pain killers. It is a tragic realization that the end of such a blissful and passionate life should be spent in a drugged stupor; ignored by family and friends, and eventually sent to a hospice to die. Naturally, not everyone meets their end in this fashion. Often, family stays by the side of the dying, and adequately mourn their loss. For others, seemingly more unfortunate, their end is met by accident. Though less in number, but no less tragic, are the violent deaths that plaster our news feed with vicarious delight. Truly, it is a great mystery that the people who relish the moments life has to offer take some of their greatest delight in the loss of another’s life. But hope is not lost on us.

The physicians who make it their life’s work to remedy the ailments of others are great people. They are compensated of course, but to devote their livelihood to the pursuit of health and wellness is no small matter. Years of dedicated study and innovation is required to, at last, achieve the title of ‘healer’. Whether on the battlefield or in the hospital, these incredible men and woman strive, for the most part, for excellence in their craft. Like the variety that life offers, some ‘physicians’ only care about their compensation. These disgraceful people dispense medications that offer little to no respite from the illnesses that plague their patients. They’ll typically offer costly treatments that merely dance around a problem instead of properly addressing it. Though such individuals are few and few between, they are, thankfully, found out by authorities after a closer look at their patient files. As dismal as this discourse may seem, there is always one thing to remember:


There are good people in the world.

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