Once, A Short Story.

I saw her once…and then…no more. It was as if Heaven had kissed the Earth for but a moment…and all was right with the world. She looked as if she was descended from the Throne itself, a gleaming, bright jewel, among millions, that decorated the very sky. The world no longer seemed like such a dreary place. Now there hope in the hopeless, pride in the poor, and joy in the depressed.


Yet I remained insane.


As she pierced the darkness of my room I could hear the voices in my head crying out in agony. And for a time, my madness seemed unbearable. Yet then I saw her. Blue haired and red eyed, with skin as soft as silk and luminous as a pearl. She came clothed in light, yet upon her skin I saw a most divine cloth, only suited to the most resplendent few. I lay in my bed, writhing in agony as the haunting visions and terrible voices were eviscerated from my mind. It is true what they say. Perfection is a great pain, for man is both the sculptor and the sculpted. But then my pain subsided, and only her and I remained. She hovered at my feet as I lay on my bed of deepest frost. Soon the cold was bearable, it seemed as if this, what could only be an Angel, knew a sudden heat would be just as piercing as the cold. She looked at me, our eyes met. Her stoic expression provoked in me an equal chill, yet I knew she meant well.


Then she smiled.


I could only sit up slightly and stare, wide eyed, at the vision before me. Had I not been gripped by vision I surely would have gone mad. But I had long been accustomed to the impossible, and this diamond before my eyes seemed like the norm, but I assure you, she was anything but. As my paralyzing shock ebb’d she began to move above me, floating mid air as she appear to lie down on a bed not seen. She crossed her arms by her head, and laid down only three feet above my body, as a child lays face down to sleep.


Then I heard her voice in my head.


“All is well, and will be”


My eyes became wide once again, and then I cried. It had been so long since I had any hope for my future. My visions were becoming more and more terrifying. The voices that plagued my mind would not cease. I had gone five days without sleep. I then felt a growing warmth about me. Suddenly, just as the warmth grew, she inched closer and closer toward me. Once she could, she kissed my forehead, then disappeared from view.


Yet I kept her in my mind.


To this day, she follows me wherever I go. She keeps the visions and the voices at bay. She stands by my side and lulls me to sleep each night. I am no stranger to logic. I know I am not of right mind. The more and more I think about it, I cannot determine if she truly is divine, or is simply my souls way of giving self-comfort. But this I know: I would not be alive without her.


Once again, all was well.

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