Dreams 7-18-18

‘Tis a strange sensation

that my dreams would take me to places of eld.

Old institutions of learning

where the young learn the ways of the world.

Though I myself have walked their halls and fields,

in my dreams, the players are quite different.

Common children are now mages.

Teachers peruse tomes filled with pages.

And there is almost always something afoot.


It is also no small wonder

that my dreams would mimic life as it is.

Though my life is less and less without sins

The dreams that haunt me, skewered me as pins.

Yet this night was not so bold,

a night of fun, adventure just as bold.

Upon the fields where athletes thread,

Me and mine, a foe we did contend.

Calamity had brought the world to a halt.

Amongst ourselves, did we find fault.

Though more confused than angry,

us as youths, now devoid of family.


Enemies appear, monstrous entities from an unknonwn void.

We wielded our powers, true and mighty.

Enemies to the north.

Enemies to the south.

And if that were not enough.

Enemies within us.

For discord and strife began to swell our ranks.

Our lines, crumbled by internal squabbling,

were showing strain and became stretched.

Many only sought to loot the corpses of the slain,

be they friend or foe.

Yet before I could adventure further into this world,

I was shook from my reverie,

and thus awoke,

now truly feeling bold.

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