Dreams 7-17-18

“In Council”


What I hold to be revered,

a sum of all my thoughts and fears.

This dreary night, I take flight,

toward endless stars, my soul alight.

Were I to jot down what I see,

the world would be as resplendent

as my soul, which truly is now, free.


This night however, I see no stars.

Nor heavens split open for my view.

Tonight I sit in council.

With my father and his ilk.

A merry gathering by all accounts,

yet for reason unknown,

I am as dazed as a fan before his throne.

I act confused and very misplaced.

Though in my dream, I seem clearly intent.

Would I that I could take heed my kins wise words;

Their mouths silent, yet faces adorned with tones of depth.

Their unspoken words, I will never forget.

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